Звериная ярость (2019) (Primal)

The ultimate hunter vs the ultimate predator
Экшн • 97 минут
В ролях: Nicolas Cage LaMonica Garrett Michael Sirow Famke Janssen Kevin Durand и другие.
Director: Nick Powell Writer: Richard Leder Director of Photography: Vern Nobles Producer: Daniel Grodnik Jeff Bowler Kirk Shaw Luillo Ruiz Editor: Raúl Marchand Sánchez Музыка: Guillaume Roussel
Выпущен • 27 декабря 2019 г.

A big-game hunter for zoos who has booked passage on a Greek shipping freighter with a fresh haul of exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon, including a rare white Jaguar - along with a political assassin being extradited to the U.S in secret. Two days into the journey, the assassin escapes and releases the captive animals, throwing the ship into chaos.

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A.K.A. BR: Instinto Predador  PT: Primal: Instinto Predador  RU: Звериная ярость