Злодеи (2019) (Villains)

Two bad people are about to meet two worse people.
Комедия / Драма / Ужас • 89 минут
В ролях: Bill Skarsgård Maika Monroe Kyra Sedgwick Jeffrey Donovan Noah Robbins Blake Baumgartner Danny Johnson Nikolas Kontomanolis и другие.
Director: Dan Berk Robert Olsen Writer: Dan Berk Robert Olsen Director of Photography: Matt Mitchell Producer: Allan Mandelbaum Garrick Dion Tim White Trevor White Editor: Sofi Marshall Original Music Composer: Andrew Hewitt
Выпущен • 20 сентября 2019 г.

When their car breaks down, a couple on the run headed southbound for a fresh start in the Sunshine State break into a nearby house looking for a new set of wheels. What they find instead is a dark secret, and a sweet-as-pie pair of homeowners who will do anything to keep it from getting out.

A.K.A. ES: Villanos  RU: Злодеи